First day of school for my first born!

It's official. My 'baby' is a big boy. Cue the tears.

Today, Sept. 8, 2010, was Brayden's first day of school. It's hard to believe how fast time has flown over the past three and a half years.

It's cliche to say, I know, but it feels like yesterday when Matthew and I were rushing to the emergency room (two weeks early!) to deliver our first born on that cold January night back in 2007. How excited we were thinking that our little baby wanted a January birthday just like mommy and daddy!

Feels like yesterday when we brought him home to our little Petersburg farm house, which was so cozy after that ice /snow storm we had when he was 2 days old.

Feels like yesterday when I was a new mom fumbling with breastpumps, feeding a fussy newborn at all hours and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted without sleep for weeks (months!)

It feels like yesterday when we watched him clinging to the piano bench, then lunge in little steps toward the couch, when he walked at 10 months.

Feels like yesterday that this little babbling baby turned into a funny little toddler, who used to ask for his "gim gim" (milk) at bedtime and cling to his "fafa" (paci) at naptime.

It was yesterday that Matthew and I said, "we've got time" when we talked about how someday he'll be in school...

A month ago I put a calendar in his playroom and we crossed off the days each night... counting down until his 'big day.'

Yesterday has turned into today.. and our little boy bounded through the doors at The Childrens House Montessori in Hebron this morning with a smile, ready to tackle the world! Preschool world anyway. Which made mommy and daddy smile, too - instead of cry!

When I picked him up at lunchtime, I found him playing in the music room, learning about instruments - bells, bongos and chimes. In the car, I asked how he liked school, and he said, "I'm happy mommy, I love school!"

Music to my ears.

He'll go back tomorrow. Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. It's only three days a week, but I know this 'yesterday' will turn into another tomorrow - two years down the line when he tackles kindergarten - or 10 years down the line when he walks through the doors of his daddy's and grandfather's alma mater, St. Xavier High School... and maybe someday when he goes to Notre Dame!!

I pray I get to see him then, I hope as I did today - with a smile - ready to tackle the world.


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