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The first girl I get to meet

Last night my son brought home a girl. No big deal, right? He’s 17 and is probably the cutest boy in school so why wouldn’t he have a girl here? It’s just that this was the first girl he brought home to meet me and his sisters. Ever.  Prom is coming up and he’s going to take her as his date so he figured I should meet her. Since my boy is shy and certainly doesn’t chat about girls with me, this was the first I had heard of him even having a ‘girlfriend.’ “Just don’t be weird, mom,” he warned me.  For years I’ve wondered when this day was coming. When he was a little boy I used to hug and love on him and dress him in cute T-shirts that said ‘I ❤️ mom“ or “mommas boy.” People would tell me “he’s going to be a heartbreaker someday.” I always thought I’d have his dad with me here to be a comfort and a confidant in this milestone. I wondered about the handsome man my son was going to be and all the girls he’d bring home in the coming years. I used to think there wasn’t one girl I could envi

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