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Rebirth: One year after moving to the desert

Today marks one year for us in Arizona —one year ago the kids and I landed in the desert after hitching a one-way flight out of the Midwest. We left a place I called home for over 20 years and the only home my children ever knew. We packed up and left in the midst of a global pandemic —during the hottest summer ever recorded for the city of Phoenix, our new home. It's really feeling like home too—we've successfully joined the Diamondbacks, Cardinals and Suns' bandwagons, we host pool parties with friends and we all think 72 degrees is pretty damn chilly. But to say I was initially scared about this adventure I was taking us all on last June is a big fat understatement. Because it transpired quickly. I've been known to make pretty spontaneous decisions in my life. But this was the biggest one. I like to think I had my shit together when I pulled the trigger on this move. I suppose we'll never really know because there are  many days I’m still scared as hell. Days t

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