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A letter to my husband, on your ‘Deathaversary’

It’s been three years ago that you died. Roughly 1,095 days without you. There have been so many times I’ve just wanted to talk to you, to tell you all the things. I don’t want this to be a sad letter though. So consider it an ‘update’ to you instead. Maybe others who have lost someone will be inspired to write their ‘updates’ too. Three years ago in late November, just before Thanksgiving, Cancer stole you from us. Part of me is still surprised you are really gone. I thought you were going to beat it. I remember seeing you in those recliners at the chemo treatments, or hooked up to a feeding tube solution and I thought to myself, “just a couple more times and he’ll be done with all of it… pretty soon he won’t have to do this anymore.” Some people are lucky and do come out to see the other side. But that just wasn’t the plan for you. I used to think Cancer won because you died. As if this was all a game and Cancer was the victor. But not anymore. You always wanted to make sure we’d be

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