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Father’s Day musings when their father is gone

Happy Father's Day in heaven once again, Matthew. I have to imagine where you are that they do celebrate  the  good fathers there. I can't picture what it could be  like,  but I know it's probably  magnificent . But that's what is making me kinda sad.  Because  you never were one to prefer magnificent over the familiar and ordinary. You'd probably have preferred this Sunday to be on our couch with us  instead , a lazy day spent with your loud kids opening homemade construction paper Father's Day cards with hearts on the front. And then with me, tonight in bed.  I have to admit. Father's Day has become my least favorite "holiday." This will be my kids' fifth Father's Day without their dad. It has become somewhat of a numb day, where we just live and observe and try to just get through it. Because no amount of time seems to take away the sting of not having him here with us anymore. My kids were thumbing through the Father's Day cards at

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