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When yesterday became today

Just yesterday I was gearing up to send a little 3-year-old boy in a dinosaur T-shirt to his first day of pre-school. He had a little blue backpack on with his name on it. His new little brown dress shoes looked so big, compared to the little infant shoes he had grown out of in the years before. He was just newly potty-trained, ready for the world. Just yesterday that little boy was busy playing Buzz Lightyear in the living room. His little hand held mine when we'd walk down the sidewalk to the neighborhood park. He'd run around the house in a "BIG BROTHER" cape bringing bottles to his newborn twin sisters. He was growing out of his naps, but tired and ready to cuddle by day's end, begging me to read just one more book before bed. It seems just yesterday when his daddy sent me an email on that first day of preschool—a message that I still cherish in my saved files on my home computer—that read, "This is exciting. I can't believe he's in school already

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