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Of happy days and holes in hearts

I was folding laundry the other day  while the Food Network was on TV in the background. It was a red-headed, soft-spoken lady who bakes farm fresh stuff like pot roasts and  home baked  apple pies. I could almost hear my late husband Matthew's stomach rumbling as I remember how he loved watching this kind of stuff on the Food Network. He used to joke about how great it would have been to marry a chef. I used to joke how that chef probably never would have  had  time for ...umm... other fun things in her marriage. He used to watch sweet baker ladies like this one lovingly add ingredient after  ingredient to a beautiful from-scratch pie that probably tasted like heaven. Then we'd look at each other and just laugh. Because he and I both knew I would never have gotten past the first two ingredients before giving up or if I did attempt it, then I'd likely have burned the hell out of it. I remember so much laughter on account of the Food Network back then.  Tears fell into the l

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