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Sweet 16

Years ago after my first pregnancy test turned positive, I started writing in a little blue journal. I wrote consistently in it for nine months, then also in the weeks, months and years after too. I wrote about what I craved, about OB appointments where I heard fetal heartbeats and saw black and white ultrasound pictures of this tiny person. I wrote about the flutterings and kickings of a "little soccer player" growing in my belly, and how I couldn't wait to meet him or her. In-between the journal pages, I saved cards and various copies of emails from Matthew, who also expressed anticipation in meeting this baby of ours. In these pages I detailed my pregnancy and then the amazing birth of our son Brayden, and then all the milestones and life happenings including his first words, first bike ride, first day of school, time with family and friends.  As the years passed, the sleepless nights, dirty diapers and temper tantrums soon turned into preschool playdates, new scooters

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