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Heartbreak isn't just for teenagers

I remember writing in and crying over a diary in my bedroom at age 16 or so. Because when I was heartbroken— whether it was from a breakup, my feelings of uselessness or just teenage angst—I would write. I have always been an emotional person but I never really liked TALKING about those emotions. I am a loud mouth but certainly not about feelings. Normal people vent that stuff to their moms, siblings or friends or eventually a spouse. I have always taught myself to just sit with those feelings. I felt more comfortable writing them instead. Sure, I've gotten over teenage heartache and it now seems insignificant looking back. But that's not to say it didn't hurt like hell right then and there. I got back into writing and sharing fervently in the months and now years after Matthew died because it was the only outlet I knew that felt like release. Tons of spiral notebooks and journals hold the majority of my feelings. I had so much sadness, anger, frustration, regret, guilt. An

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