A first car, but vintage vibes

 Ok I admit it. This might be over the top. I know it's not a 'traditional' first car for a teenager. It's nowhere close to the crap buckets I drove in my teens. I already know what everyone will say. And yet, I DON'T CARE. 

Because a little over 22 years ago, his late father worked really hard out of college and bought himself a Porsche Boxster, in Arctic Silver Metallic with terra cotta Boxster Red interior —an almost impossibly rare combination to find —and he (along with a little brunette riding shotgun) tore around the back Kentucky roads with the top down blaring Toad the Wet Sprocket. Life was sweet and fast and FUN. And HAPPY. 

His dad loved that car more than me no doubt. Even after we had kids and it was sold, he had a replica toy model car of it sitting on his bookshelf to stare at for years. 

So when a 22-year-old virtually identical vintage silver Boxster with that rare red interior popped up for sale right around the corner, as my son is just months away from turning 16, there really wasn't a question on this becoming ours. 

I wish every day Matthew could be here to see his son hit these milestones. I pray for connections for all my kids with their dad because they didn't get to know him very long. I keep looking for meaning and significance in life that will connect them to him deeper. Yes, this sports car is two decades old, does not have any bells and whistles like cup holders even lol (hey it at least has CASSETTE tape/CD capabilities)! 

But I know sitting in the driver's seat will bring my son the same feelings of joy this car gave his dad way back when. 

I know I don't make the right decisions all the time. But this one here, this one makes me crazy HAPPY. Life is short right?

Here's to my son's first car—and here’s to the thought of his dad riding shotgun with him. 💔


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