It's "autumn fall" time, he says

Well it's already the first of October tomorrow. I can't believe that the girls are 9 mos now. I took them in for their shots today (more tears) and they are both at 17 lbs, just a few ounces off each other (we thought for sure Téa would be at least a pound heavier - she's a chunk!).

They are crawling (faster) and pulling up on everything, and the other night Mia tried lunging for the ottoman and let go - so we're sure she'll try and walk soon. Lord help me.
Mia can somewhat wave 'hi' to people, which is too cute to see.. and Matthew swears Téa said 'da da' yesterday -- which happened to be Brayden's first word too.

I figured out the source of Mia's crankyness the past few weeks - I noticed she cut her first tooth on the bottom, and I felt it with my finger, and boy that thing is sharp! We'll see if her mood improves someday once all her teeth are in, however.

Brayden and I took some friends down to papa's farm last week for a picnic day and it was so beautiful and warm and windy out. Soon the weather will be getting colder and I know we'll miss these nice days outside. Brayden noticed some of the leaves falling off the trees, and said, "mommy it's "autumn fall time!"

I had to laugh the other day when we walked to the park, and I was strolling the girls behind him as he rode his Gator and he stopped and turned around to me and said, "Nice day mommy..." and then kept driving... then he turned back and smiled and blew me a kiss. Oh, to freeze time. I tried to imbed this memory into my head as I flashed forward to a vision of him driving off in a car one day to go pick up a date or something. I know this time will not last for long.

I told him tonight at bedtime prayers that I'll miss him when he grows up, and he asked why. I said that sometimes when kids grow up they don't want to hug and snuggle their mommies anymore like this, and I he promised me he'd never do that;-)

Bray loves school and he can tell me the difference between a reptile and an amphibian, as they have learned in science class; he showed me how they made red and green "pattruns" on paper in art class and he talks about how he loves to go outside in gym class.

A new chapter is coming for us too, as I'll be headed back to work part-time at the hospital where Brayden was born doing registration work. I figured it would be good to start looking at more promising work options for when I eventually go back when the kids are in school. I fear the newspaper/writing jobs will be few and far between then - so I'm trying to expand out a bit in what I can do. I still plan to publish my books someday, I swear. I have to quit wiping butts before then.


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