Hoping for a little more time

Praying for more time
A few days ago a good friend dropped off a surprise in our mailbox. Unbeknownst to her, her 6-year-old told his teacher that his daddy's good friend Matthew needed prayers. So his little kindergarten classmates wrote prayer notes for my husband, a man they don't even know nor have ever met. I know God hears the intentions of little ones first, so we keep these prayers next to our bed.

Matthew's PET scan came back not so good this month. His cancer is back and it has now spread to his lungs. Although we hope for the best with chemo again, realistically we pray now for time. Time for my husband to be able see his kids grow. Time for the both of us to enjoy each other when so many years we squandered and took that time together for granted. Time for us to realize that young or old, sick or not... every. single. day. is. a. gift.

We've chosen not to elaborate too much in talking with the kids about it. They only know their daddy is sick. We're past the sadness, anger and tears. We're past the regret. We're going to move on with living and laughter. We're just praying for a little time to be able to do it.


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