In another blink of an eye

So I blinked again.
The tiny 5-lb babies I gave birth to and cradled in my arms just three and a half years ago both bounded through the doors at Villa Madonna Montessori School this morning, backpacks flailing behind them.

Wasn't it just a moment ago Matthew and I were at our first ultrasound when the doctor asked us grinning, "How does TWO sound!?" Yes, it was just days ago that those tiny people came into our lives, exhausting us with around the clock feedings at night and endless poopy diapers during the day. It was only yesterday that they took their first steps -- Mia at 9 mos and Therese at 13 mos -- wasn't it?

Mia and Therese 12/29/09  and today, first day of preschool 8/26/13
Time plowed over those days to make way for all the tomorrows and left me in the parking lot today almost in tears. I'm getting used to this now, I think. It's a good thing, a happy thing to watch them grow up and enjoy these milestones. But it's also a sharp pang to the heart to know these little people of ours won't last. They won't be little people for long. Matthew asked the girls yesterday, "can't you stay this age?" He knows what's to come in another blink of an eye.

Every day we get closer to the drama that is adolescence, and then those teen years. Soon, they'll want to dress themselves, get their ears pierced, get PINK stuff from Victoria's Secret and have crushes on stupid boys. The stuffed animals that line the walls in their bedroom will be replaced by posters and nail polish and fancy futuristic technology I'm sure. We'll say goodbye to pink piggie, teddy bears, night lights and lilac colored walls.

Payton is next. At just over 1 now, she's already walking and making her way up and down the stairs, babbling and spitting out all kinds of words to keep up with her big brother and sisters and to join the fast pace of life in this house. Parents of older kids keep warning us, with a hearty laugh, about what's in store for us in the coming years. But there's no way for us to stop that old time from coming for us, for our kids! So I'm trying to keep my eyes pried open. I want to enjoy this time while it's here. I know this today will soon be another forgotten tomorrow. But in the meantime I'm doing my best not to blink.


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