Winter is in full swing here - a few inches of snow on the ground and lots of freezing temps, so of course the boy wants to go sledding.

I dread cold.

Matthew took Brayden and his little buddy Josh to Grandpa's farm to sled down the hills there. I admit, it was so cute to watch (despite Brayden whining about the cold and the snow - wonder where he'd get that?)

They were out there for at least an hour. Brrrrrr. I don't know how they can stand the cold. I remember playing out in the snow for hours when we were kids, and coming inside with frozen cheeks and runny noses, bugging dad to build a fire in the fireplace so we could roast our toes (and buns)! Such fun, cold weather memories. But I don't remember my mom yelling at us about all the snowy boots, wet socks and the struggle to get it all on/off. I fell far from that tree I guess.

Only a few more days til Christmas and Brayden sent his list to Santa the other day-- Buzz Lightyear stuff (sigh), football helmet, a monster robot, telescope, shooter guns... I think Santa will be good to him despite how 'naughty' this boy can be most days.
I remember holding my big pregnant belly last Christmas saying how these girls would probably be walking around next Christmas -- and here it is already. Mia is walking around like a little miniature dolly. Téa is trying, and she'll take your hand for a couple steps, but for now she's content with crawling 100 mph and she gets there faster than Mia walks anyway;-)

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all our family and friends.


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