Where does the time go?

It's nearly 6 weeks til Christmas, which means about 6 weeks til my twins turn 1 year old.

What has happened to the past year!? Let me tell you - they don't sit still. That's for sure.
As I sit to write this, Mia is climbing ontop of her sister Téa (who smells of poop) while she happily drools all over daddy's books on the study shelf. Wait no.. They are both grabbing the wooden blinds, pulling them up and down as Brayden plays Buzz Lightyear in his "outside voice."

Now Téa is pounding on the French doors. Mia is eating a candle. Téa just escaped, she's headed for the stairs. Mia is crying to be held. The girls grab tufts of Keeley's fur as she tries to sit inconspicuously off to the side of the room. Mia is on the loose. Looking for brother, who bounded out in the kitchen to play Legos. Téa is under the piano. Both are crying now.

There's not much time to do anything these days! The girls are growing so fast and Brayden is already as tall as the middle of my belly. My babies are not babies for long, I'm realizing too fast.

We had pics taken at the farm a couple weeks ago. The weather was warm and beautiful, the leaves were in full color change and we used the Radio Flyer wagon from Matthew's childhood, which was a perfect touch! I'll cherish these pics I'm sure, as the girls look so cute and pudgy and sweet and Brayden's face is still the face of the little boy I know, but slowly is turning into the young man I know I'll be worried about come adolescence.

Téa cut her first tooth around Halloween, just one, on the bottom. It looks cute -- so does Mia, although she has the bottom two teeth already. Both have been pulling up on things and standing up trying to walk, but neither has really taken steps yet. I think by Christmas, for sure, they'll be on the move for good.


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