Yankee Doodle babies

Another July 4th has passed... we went to the Fort Mitchell parade, in which daddy rode upon the Remke float throwing candy. It was hot outside but Brayden loved it, and the girls did ok despite being stuck in the stroller most of the day!

It's funny thinking back on July 4. I always loved this holiday as a kid. We used to go up to Diamond Lake in Michigan for a big family reunion bash with swimming, boating and fireworks...oh how the times have changed. Now I'm holed up inside the house with fans blowing and noise machines on full volume as I curse the fireworks outside because I don't want the kids to wake up! The girls slept ok, only waking a couple times, but there was no use trying to get Brayden down, so we went outside and did a couple sparklers at the neighbor's house and then he and I tried to catch fireflies in the back yard. Then we watched the fireworks out of the upstairs windows, with Brayden yelling, "awww! look at that one!" at nearly every single firecracker he saw. I pushed his bed against the window, too, so he laid down to sleep watching the show out the window.

For the next several nights, he has asked if he can stay up to watch fireworks again. I told him that "fireworks day" only comes once a year!

It's hard to believe that this time next year the girls will be running around !!


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