The little writer that could...

Well, I guess the writer in me just can't be stifled. I thought it appropriate to start a blog (I almost typed (blob') about life these days as a "retired" reporter at home with three kids. I've been slacking on my journal writing lately (something I did diligently all my life -- I have diaries dating back to 1982), so I thought this would be easy to get my thoughts jotted down ... since any spare time I have is usually spent in our home office doing bills, work or checking the computer.
All the people I love!
I know life is short, so I want to document as much as I can now, when the kids are little and fun and say the silliest things.
I have a feeling I'm going to wake up one day - old and gray - and wonder what the heck happened to the life that just passed me by!
So hopefully with this blog, I'll be able to keep touch better with our friends and family and share some of the goings on here in Kentucky ... thanks for checking in with us!


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